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 Do I Need Insulation

High heating bills, drafty rooms and ice
dams could be a sign that your home
needs insulation.Give us a call or email
and we will come to your home to
assess your insulation needs. We will
complete a thorough inspection of your
walls and attic insulation and make
recommendations for needed improvements.

Common Signs of Inadequate Insulation
Do you have ice dams, icicles, roof
    "hot spots",high heating bills, high
     cooling bills or drafty walls?

:   Does your furnace seems to run 
     too much in the winter, and your
     air conditioning runs constantly 
     all summer long?

IF you answered YES to any of the
above questions there is  good chance
your insulation levels are inadequate.
Re-insulating your home is one of the
fastest and most cost-efficient ways
to reduce energy
waste and maximize your energy dollars.

        The Ins and Outs of Insulation
Did you know that the average family spends close to $1,500 a year on their home's utility bills? Unfortunately, a large portion of that energy is wasted through poor insulation. Checking your home's insulation system is one of the fastest and most cost-efficient ways to reduce energy waste and maximize your energy dollars. You probably should insulate if you:
  • have an older home and haven't added insulation. In a recent survey, only 20% of homes built before 1980 were well insulated.
  • are uncommonly cold in the winter or hot in the summer; adding insulation creates a more uniform temperature and increases comfort.
  • build a new house or addition, or install new siding or roofing.
  • pay excessive energy bills.
  • are bothered by noise from the outdoors; insulation helps to muffle sound.
  • are concerned about the effect of energy use on the environment.

          How Does Air Escape?


                Which Energy Saving Improvements
                             Should You Choose?

Energy Saving ImprovementsTypical Payback Years
Attic/Ceiling Insulation3 - 7 Years
Wall Insulation6 - 12 Years
Floor Insulation2 - 5 Years
Window Replacement15 - 30 Years
Seal Large Air Leaks1 - 2 Years
Seal Small Air Leaks1 - 2 Years
Seal Ducts1 - 2 Years
Storm Windows4 - 10 Years
Setback Thermostat1 - 2 Years
Energy-saving Showerhead1 - 3 Years
Insulate Water Heater1 - 2 Years

                Causes Of Ice Dams


    The Two Major Causes of Ice Dams Are
 Inadquate Insulation or Poor Roof ventilation


               This home has major ice dams. Sealing
               attic bypasses ,venting roof ,and insulating
               to proper levels would stop this problem,
               and the heating bills for this home would
               be considerably reduced.

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