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         Shingle Ridge Vent Benefits

Proper attic ventilation is critical both in new and older homes.   Poor air flow through attic spaces results in excessive heat and moisture build-up. Over time, trapped heat and moisture can literally destroy a roof from within.   Roof decks can rot from the inside out and shingles will fall apart or curl due to the heat build-up.

Lack of proper ventilation can void your shingle warranty. Lack of proper ventilation can also cause you air-conditioner to work harder to cool your house in the summer.


         Have Lots Of Air Flow

It's important to make sure that there is plenty of air-intake as well, through the soffit vents. The more soffit venting, and ridge venting the better. When we blown in more cellulose in your attic we also make sure to use rafter venting. There should also be plenty of incoming air and plenty of roof venting (air-output), so that the attic will "breathe" well and it won't become hot or rot.
It's also important to mention that the lack of proper ventilation can bring moisture problems into the attic of your house that inadvertently can cause problems with the integrity of your house's structure: the trusses, rafters and support beams will get wet and start to rot.

With most of your attic heat being trapped in the peak sections of the attic. You should have ridge venting installed, that way the hot air and moisture has no choice but to leave your attic! Ridge venting is absolutely the most efficient ventilation solution!

Each foot of ridge venting equals to approximately 5 traditional roof vents!

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