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   Maritime Insulators Customers

Maritime Insulators believes in 100% customer satisfaction. When we do the job we do it right ,with no hidden costs or fees. Here are just a few satisfied customers comments. Feel free to ask for references.

Bradford Smith
Musquodoboit Harbour

Hello Danny
I have to tell you what a difference having this old place insulated has been. It takes hardly anything to keep it warm here now. Before the insulation was blown in we had to stand right over the wood stove for warmth.  Now I even forget to put wood in the stove sometimes till I notice it has almost gone out. Also with the wind last night, I mentioned to Tara that it was unusual not to feel a breeze through the walls in the living room. It's noticeably quieter also. No traffic noise like the was before. Out of all of the money I've invested in the renovation of this place having you blow in the insulation was the wisest investment yet. Not only the money I'll save in oil and firewood but the comfort level has also risen dramatically. I tell people all of the time what a great job you guys did with the old place.

Rob MacIntosh owner of Macky Sax

Hi Danny
Let me tell ya, I felt like I lived in a barn and now I live in a house. You guys really did a great job and we immediately noticed the difference with the sound quality and of course the amazing difference in our heating. The thermostat used to drop almost to 15 degress before it would kick in,now it barely moves and the furnace is rarely on. Hallelluja thanks Danny

Willie Rhyno
Chester NS

 At first I was a bit unsure about the blown-in cellulose, after Maritime Insulators came and insulated my building and I saw how good the cellulose packed in around the pipes and electrical,  this is the only product that I will use for insulation from now on. This house seems alot quieter than my other places. Thanks for the great job and for leaving the place so clean.I will call you as soon as I need anything again.

Deanna Babin

 It took me awhile to go ahead and get my house insulated, and after I got it done I realized that I should have done it along time ago. The crew from Maritime Insulators was very nice and left my place clean after they where done. My place is so much cozier and quieter since I got the job done. My furance runs alot less than before and it should take no time to pay for the insulating job in the money I save in oil. Also the day you guys came was so cold I felt bad for you guys. Thanks Maritime insulators, Great job and that was a neat camera to see inside my walls.

Heather Young
North West Cove

My experince with Maritime Insulators was great. They were very time efficent, clean and friendly. My house is much cozier with no cool drafts since I had them insulated. Thanks Danny (Maritime Insulators)